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Monthly Dinners Terms and Conditions

If you live in Manchester, Chelsea, Dexter, or Grass Lake. Get dinner delivered to you. 4-5 course meal. You can choose from 2 ($65), 4 ($125), or 6 ($185) portions. All meals will be delivered cold with instructions on how to heat. You can choose a delivery time between 8am -10am or 4pm - 6pm. You must sign up at least 48 hours in advance. We will try to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies, but its not guaranteed. Please contact for questions.

****Please be advised, Mama G's catering is NOT responsible for any illness nor allergic reactions due to improper handling of the food or failing to reheat the food to the correct temperature after it is dropped off. If you are not home at the time of delivery, You must leave a cooler large enough and with enough ice packs for food to stay cold. Food temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees. If you are not home and a cooler with ice packs is not provided, food will NOT be delivered, and you are responsible to pick it up in Manchester.

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