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Option 4- Simple Italian

$28 Per Person

Simple Italian

Choice of Pasta

Choose homemade Lasagna roll-ups, perfectly cooked pasta sheets rolled, with Italian meats or Spinach & Cheese and luscious layers of béchamel and tomato sauces intertwining with decadent ricotta, velvety mozzarella, sharp provolone, and the nuttiness of Parmesan cheeses or Mostaccioli with Marinara or Meat Sauce.

Herb Chicken

Chicken pieces—thighs, breasts, legs, and wings—roasted to a golden brown perfection, generously coated with a garlic herb seasoning.

Gluten free

Choice of Italian Meat

Choose savory Italian sausages, perfectly grilled served with a medley of sautéed bell peppers and onions or homemade beef & pork Meatballs.

Choice of Salad

Choose from Garden, Greek, Caesar, or Michigan


Rosemary Redskins

Garlic and rosemary herb-roasted

Gluten free

Choice of Veggie

Choose from fresh garlic Green Beans or grilled Asparagus

Garlic  Rolls image

Garlic Rolls

The savory delight of garlic-infused crusty bread

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